Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fabulous second hand shop finds

Today on my way home from meeting Aaron at work for a coffee, I stopped by one of the Op Shops I frequent. They had boxes of brand new toweling dressing gowns and pj's. I immediately thought of the girls and called Dawn to see if they needed them. Bought four. Got a gorgeous orange bag for me - Nearly considered buying it for my cousin Christine, who is orange mad - but it is so amazing I can't give it away. The last purchase was a waffle weave pink dressing gown for me.

So Dawn and the girls came for afternoon tea. I pinned the sleeves of the gowns to fit and will fix all that in the next two days. Eli was gutted that I did not get one for him!!!

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  1. You fabulous lady you. You sure are a blessing. Love Dian.


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