Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An awesome apron made from a man's shirt

Finished like this
I saw on facebook a photo of someone who had made a country man's shirt into an apron. I am a big apron fan myself and have always kept that idea at the back of my mind. So while I was away with the material girls at our retreat, this was one of the first things I did.

Started as this
My shirt was a gorgeous 100% cotton cufflink shirt. So I cut the sleeves off, then the back and the cut on an angle from the armpit to partway up the collar. The collar, cuffs and back facing had a lovely contrast colour. I used the contrast from the back facing to make binding for one side and one cuff facing to make the binding for the other side. I used the last bit of cuff facing to make the pocket. One sleeve became the ties. Viola an apron that I really like (I am wearing it while I type this.)

Thanks to Glenis who makes a great official photographer.


  1. I just can not get my head around how clever and practical you are Karen. You blow me away. Love Dian.

    1. Thanks Dian, See you tomorrow. Hope you are ok. Cheers


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