Tuesday, July 24, 2012

All packaged and ready

Yes, after my big sewing production line on the weekend I now have 8 sets of sewing accessories all packaged and ready to go. I love the colours of the material and have tried to match the colour of the snips to the material.

So each package has 1. Scissor keeper - which is a material lanyard with clip and a pair of the amazing sharp, super useful snips. 2. Finger pin cushion - this slides onto the finger of your choice and means you have pins available. I find this really useful. I thought they would just get in the way but I have not found that to be the case.

For details on how you can purchase them from me click -  here.

Some lucky people at this weekends retreat with the Material Girls will get them as spot prizes.


  1. These are wonderful Karen. You are a wizz. I am so blessed by you. Love Dian.

  2. I was lucky enough to win one of your Necklace cutters and pin cushion ring in bright green. Thank you sooo much it is fabulous and will come in very useful. Love Val

    1. Hi Val, I am so pleased. I was not sure if Gilli would just keep them for next year. You will need to tell me what you think of the finger pin cushion. I love it, but others would rather one on a wrist (they take a lot longer to make). Do let me know as I am looking for feedback. Lovely to see you following my blog.


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