Friday, July 20, 2012

Upcycling - 100% eco Patchwork quilt

There are so many quilts out there that are "scrap" quilts but you still need to buy a lot of material, batting, backing etc to complete it. So I decided to buck the trend and make a true scrap quilt. All from left over bits, recycled bits, others rubbish.
Today I spent the time making the basics of the quilt sandwich. So I made the top - out of three bits of sheeting, the backing was also made this way. These bits of sheeting were sheets purchased from the Op Shop for $3 or under, I made them into duvet covers for the boys. But the bits were left over. So I sewed them together in strips until they were big enough for a lap quilt. Then I used all the leftover scraps of batting from other projects. This took five pieces sewn together.

The picture is me putting the quilt sandwich together. So there is a scrap top, scrap batting and a scrap backing. You can see all the seams on the photo but I am hoping that at the end this will not show through. I tried using basting spray for the first time (instead of pins), it took a lot more spray than I thought and it was not as successful as I hoped. May have to revert to the pinning effort.

Anyway - I am going to use bits that I pick up from the various quilt gatherings I go to. I hate seeing waste and at a lot of places I have picked up quite large quantities of material from the bins. Generally I use those bits to make quilts for the orphanage in El Dorat So it will be stitched as a raw edge piecing and will be interesting to see how it turns out. I will keep you posted.


  1. Very interesting!! I love your definition of scrap! Not just the top, but everything.

  2. I like this, too! I grew up when we still said, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!" I also hate waste and have a 'reputation' among friends and family for scavenging & salvaging. Why not? Politically, I think that eternal growth is cancerous and that we need to seriously be looking at sustainability instead. As in, "does this (project, item, etc.) contribute to uncontrolled growth or to sustainability?" You sound like a kindred spirit, which is wonderful. You are so right; FB and the blogosphere let us connect with people we would otherwise never even know about. I love it so much, especially as I don't meet many people like me here (a few, but not that many). I am from the coast of BC in Canada, currently living in Edmonton, AB. ~ Linne


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