Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bedroom makeover - stage 3

Well I am now down to the fine tuning of the room. The Black curtain is up - just need a hook on the wall to hook it back during the day. The blue, with yellow and orange flecks, sofa has been recovered using a black fitted sheet. The base of the bed has also been recovered using a black fitted sheet instead of a valance. The white duvets I made from old sheets - here- look great on top of the bed.
So - hook for curtain, New quilt to match the room, and fix the storage issue - the bookcase is so shallow that everything falls out of it, and then it will be done.

Teddy enjoys the new sofa

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  1. The room looks great. But have you considered painting the dresser/ bookshelf and changing out the hardware? Just a thought. Maybe it would help tie it all together. And your quilt for him looks great! I will have to start looking at the men's dressshirt section at GW, lol.


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