Monday, July 30, 2012

Amazing amount achieved in 72 hours

Well I think that I achieved a lot anyway. Way more than I have ever done at my yearly retreat.
I finished

  • two entire quilt tops
  • 1 pieced quilt back
  • I sandwiched two quilts together
  • I quilted two quilts
  • bound 1 quilt
  • made the top of a patchwork cushion
  • made a funky laundry basket
  • two small bags, one for buttons and one for selvages
  • one apron from a business man's shirt.
  • Turned up one pair of jeans and put patches on it - to make it "cool" for Eli.
I still had piles of projects that I took that did not even get looked at. But I am happy with this achievement.
Over the next week I will show you each one more indepth.

And the amazing news is that next year the retreat will be FIVE days not three. I will be attending FOUR days of that. Wow can't wait for next year.

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  1. You are one amazing lady. Dian.


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