Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Refashioned Shirt

The newly shaped shirt
Ezibuy - capture 100% cotton shirt. I got it at the Op Shop for $2 as it seemed a bit out of date and I was going to chop it up for quilting.

Cuffs altered.
Then Aaron commented on how good the colour looked on me. So I rethought. I put the cuff buttons onto the other side of the cuff so that it now does up as though they are cuff-links. Then I removed the collar, put stiffening in it and sewed it back on but with a slightly thinner collar so it will fold down or stand up. Then in the front I put a dart / shaping from under the breastline down to the bottom. At the back I put in two large shaping darts and two much smaller ones.

It may not look much in the photo but it now looks really smart, well shaped and extremely wearable.
The shirt to start with.


  1. You really really put us all to shame!! - do you want my mending pile? - typical ay, I sew for a living, and I don't get time to mend or make things

    1. It is always like that though Heather. Builders never finish or fix their own houses (just ask my sister) !!!


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