Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Breakfast in bed for the boys

I love being able to treat the boys when I can and this morning was meant to be a bit of a rush. Not the normal day to choose to give the boys breakfast in bed. But actually it worked. They ate breakfast and were quiet while I rushed around and sorted out our day.
So they had an Earl Grey Tea (always Dilmah) and toast. The lovely butlers tray that I got for $3 at the Op Shop has been constantly put to good use. We are a family that likes to breakfast in bed - I see it as a real treat.
So they relaxed while I did dishes, put on washing, folded washing, made diary free bread, got ready for a Health and Safety meeting with Fletchers EQR.
In spite of all this we got out the door at 8.30am with no screaming to hurry up, get on with it, or what are you doing????????

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