Friday, August 10, 2012

A boy's quilt - from recycled Pj's

The front
 Finally I have finished the quilt for Alex. Oops 9 weeks after his birth and it was meant to be his coming home from hospital present!!!! Hmm. Funny timing too as tomorrow is Mieke's birthday party (his big sister is turning 2) so I have finished a gift for him but not for her.

I do seem to have things a bit back to front at the moment. I have had to sneak the finishing of this in while my boys are asleep because I promised them that I would not sew anything else until I had sewn their merinos. Goodness those were meant to be made in Autumn and it is nearly spring.

Anyway this quilt is made from a myriad of second hand pajamas. All purchased from second hand shops. If there is not a matching set I find I can pick up a top or bottom for about 50 cents. The blue is new though as I had to find something consistent to put with the variety of patterns. It is just flannelette sheeting from Fabric Vision for $7 per metre.

The block pattern is called a few things - quarter square triangles, hourglass etc etc. I made the quilt top, backing, sandwiched it together and quilted it, all at my weekend away. The backing was made from a bit of Thomas flannel that I had bought to do something for my boys, but I did not get around to it and they are well over Thomas. I quilted it by just doing stitch in the ditch on every seam, that gives it enough holding power to go through the washing machine and retains the great geometric pattern. I pulled it out yesterday to show Steff and was surprised to find that I had not done the binding. So a late night job and it is done.
The back



  1. What a lovely idea, I bet it's all warm and snuggly

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog
    I LOVE this quilt

  3. I love quilts made from repurposed clothing... this one looks very sharp!

  4. How very cool to use the second-hand jammies! It looks awesome, nice job!

  5. Hi Karen! This is just gorgeous. What a wonderful idea and how it was done years ago. Recycling from fabric you already had at home. It was one of the most popular posts at my Thriving on Thursdays linky party last week and has been featured this week. Party goes live tomorrow, Thursday 23/08/12. Thanks so much for linking up. You've got beautiful work. I'm your newest follower.

    Anne xx

    1. Thanks Anne. Thanks for being so positive. Love your blog - am following you now and my cousin is too.

  6. What a great deal of care and thought went into your lovely quilt, Karen! It turned out great.

  7. beautiful job on the quilt, I think we all have more UFO projects than we can count, I know I do lol!

  8. Excellent, yahooo, I'm working where I live to educate folks on recycling into quilting. I have found it to be so simple its just crazy to not reuse. Thanks for this great quilt. I'll link up to this post in a future post on Good Earth Quilting at Blogger.


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