Monday, June 4, 2012

In the sewing room - boys shorts

These shorts are for Eli. A couple of weeks ago he had a rugby game in Oxford. On the way home we visited the Fairy and Patchwork shop in Cust. I did not find any material for me but.. Eli found this dog material for him. I bought 1/2 metre for some shorts (what i had not looked closely at was the words are directional and I just had enough material to squeeze the shorts out of). I tried to convince Eli that they would be great as summer PJ shorts but no.. Mr determined said they would be great as shorts to play in.
I cut the shorts out (using an old pj shorts that I chopped for a pattern) that night and then made them when I was away in Hanmer Springs with the girls. Only I get home and Eli told me they were too long and the logo I had put on was too girly. So a trim and a new logo and they have been happily worn ever since. Boy it is good to see something different as boys clothes are sooo samey.

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