Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baked cheesecake

Last night at 9pm I started making these miniature baked cheesecakes. I used lime and lemons to flavour it as I find that cuts through the dense fat of the cream cheese. Only I then had to stay up till about 10.30pm waiting for them to finish the cooking part.

I love baked cheesecake and I am going to be with the girls for a quilting session tonight, so this will be our sweet treat. As you can see from other blog posts I often use the baked cheesecake with other flavours - the last few tries were blackcurrants and redcurrants from the garden. Click here to see - I was impressed with them when I made them!

Anyone have any answers on the biscuit base for cheesecakes? I used 50% more butter in my base than the recipe (an Alison Holst recipe I have adapted) but the base still crumbles apart. At least the base is not the rock hard, can't get a spoon near it, kind. Tips anyone?

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