Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The perfect dinner for a cold winter's day

Tonight we are having a roast. This is a rare occasion in our household. A lot of this is thanks to Jess and Stephen, as we got a pile of leftover veges from their weekly vege pack.
So what you see is onion, home-grown garlic, butter-nut pumpkin, kumera (sweet potato for non NZers) and yams.

I also have beetroot cooking on the stove and that will be roasted with rock salt plus some potatoes par boiling. These will then be shaken in the pan to create a rough edge and then fan baked in a tiny bit of heated oil (this is Aaron's favourite potatoes and how I learnt to do them at the Cordon Bleu Cookery School).

All of this with a lovely leg of lamb. I might even make some home-made mint sauce.

Here is the meal on the table two hours later. Nope mint sauce was a step too far, but I did get gravy done.

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