Monday, June 4, 2012

My little box of treasure

My mother in law gave me this treasure tin on Friday night. I could not for the life of me work out what it was. Then I opened it. Oh glorious glorious buttons. Amazing old ones, all sorts of styles and sizes. What a fantastic gift. There is a story to this. When they moved house (just a couple of months ago as their old house literally fell to bits in the Christchurch earthquakes) they cleared all their bits and pieces. And that included her sewing things and her buttons. I shrieked when I found out. I went through the rubbish bin outside (I mean how desperate was I!!!) and managed to retrieve some, but for the main all her buttons etc had gone to the tip. Oh how I groaned.

Anyway she was out with her tramping group on Wednesday and one of those ladies was permanently moving to Wellington. She too was having a clean out and lamenting that there was no one to give all these collected and useful things to. My mother in law quickly piped up that she had a very willing recipient in mind. And it was me.. oh lucky me... I just love getting treasure like this.

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  1. Those buttons will give you hours and hours of entertainment - all the wonderful opportunities held in one small tin. Enjoy!


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