Sunday, June 17, 2012

Scissor keeper and pin cushions

Since Tuesday I have been making this set in an aim to assist me to stop losing things. When I am doing craft activities I am always trying to find my pins, scissors, cutters, rulers etc. At home we are still trying to find our wedding negatives (I have tidied up sooo much of the house in my search that I am started to look organised!).

Anyway I keep seeing people on YouTube videos who have things around their neck with their scissors on. Years ago when I was in the Canterbury Embroiderers Guild we were always making scissor keepers. I never understood it as they never "kept" my scissors near me. They were generally little embroidered square attached by a cord to your scissors so that the location of your scissors were more obvious. Didn't work for me.

On Tuesday when we gathered for a quilting night I kept waylaying my scissors all the time, so cut some 2 1/2 inch strips and started to sew. I mean, how hard could it be?

Well it transpires that you have to think about a lot of things, like not sewing the loop up and finishing cos you feel so jolly smart, then realising there is no way to put your clip on to keep the scissors (prototype 1 in the bin). Finally got the hang of the scissor thing and I have been using mine ever since. How did I ever survive before that. It is soooooo handy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then onto the pin cushion. I have made a finger one - which since trying it I actually like as I only ever use 3-4 pins if I use pins at all. The wrist one is on prototype 3 as the first was too small, this one I feel is a bit too big and is velcroed onto the wrist strap. I think that I will sew it onto the strap. Also the elastic is a wee bit too fitting. But it all works for me and I am thrilled. I am going to make some more to iron out issues.

So I have always sold the snips (or given them away) and now I feel it has gone to the next level with the lanyard.

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  1. Just popping in to say hi - have a happy, creative week. You've certainly come up with a couple of great ideas here.


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