Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So thick and still snowing

up to the top of the gumboots
Goodness the snow is like I have never seen before. It is still snowing - now been snowing for 8 hours and no sign of let up. Thick , still and beautiful. The kids have great up to now to the point that I have been able to get half way through my annual H&S review. Goodness knows how long I will have four kids - I very much doubt my sisters plane will get in from Rarotonga tonight.
We have all been back out in the snow several times but Albie finds it too cold. My daft boys are out in t-shirts having snow fight. They have no sense!!! (but do come in when it is getting too cold for them).
I have never seen snow settle on a clothesline!
trying to show how big the flakes are


  1. Looking at the snow makes me jealous. We are above 90°F here in Michigan today. Boy could I go for a few snowballs and some skiing

    1. Karen, thanks for visiting my blog. I believe that we think alike in that we hate waste. While your giveaway is wonderful i would rather it remain closer to you as the shipping to the US would not be earth friendly. Still wishing we had some snow as I am a ski fanatic. Also, if you turn off the need to confirm the words in your comment it may help. It is annoying to me and probably to others as well. Sometimes when I am asked to type the words to confirm I just don't so my comment is not published.


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