Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My thwarted surprise

Aaron was meant to be going away for work for three nights. We had a few weeks warning so the boys and I had been plotting and planning. To do a total revamp of Jakob's room. Out with vivid blue, the zoo curtains and the cream walls. In with a retro lime, grey (called concrete) and a white trim. Jakob also wants black curtains - the man at Resene's in Shirley was very impressed that Jakob had chosen such coordinating colours.

Anyway the story continues... The time then got reduced last week to just an overnight trip with a separate trip next week. Uh oh - but never mind now I will just have to paint till 10pm etc. So Aaron headed off at 7.30am and I dashed in to start the room. Moved the furniture, covered what was left, started puttying and sanding. Then at 9.30am I got the call!! The plane was fogged in, still might get a later flight. Oh panic stations*** - then another call at 10.30, no flight, coming home for dinner.
So what should have been an amazing surprise actually looked like this........
And I was going to make a quilt (well that is what I thought but doubt would get it done!!).

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