Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Upcycling secondhand stools

My finished stools
Yesterday after work my sister and I had a couple of hours working hard recovering various stools. This is something I find really satisfying as they look so good when done.

My sister had never completed one before and was a bit nervous about doing it herself. Last year I had a lovely morning with Steff also doing this.
I was going to write a tutorial as we did this, but got so enthusiastic about getting stuck in and making the change that I forget to take photos of some major steps - so next time!

The material is oilcloth from Femme de Brocante, a Rangiora shop to die for. One of my favourites and always have amazing specials.

I would like your opinion though - Sometimes I think it is really neat to leave the industrial look of furniture to show it's heritage.
On the step stool do you think I should scrub it clean of paint etc to make it shiny and new or should I leave the smart top and the industrial look? Please do give me feedback on that.

Stool 1 - before

Stool 1 - finished. Note the matching material
Albie said he was the stool tester!

Stool 2 -start (finish in first photo)

My sisters stools - start

My sisters stools - first ever finished.

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