Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stage one of bedroom done

Yes I have finished painting. In spite of the mishaps of yesterday (if you don't read Facebook - Aaron had tried to help and made a hash of it) all the paint layers are on and now just drying. I absolutely love it. Jakob has picked so well and when black curtains are up etc it will look fab.

I had learnt a few things from the painters at work. So this time I masked up all the edges, it was going to be so sharp in all the corners etc. What I did not take into account was that last time it was messy. So when I untaped the ceilings there was green, then wobbly bits of vivid blue and then the white stipple ceiling. Icky. So I had to undo all my professional edges and make them wobbly to cover all the existing blue. Ah well.   This is the first stage but at least Jakob can be back in this room tomorrow night. I have then got to move onto stage two - being curtains to match, quilt to make etc. So the next photo will be in a few weeks time when some of that has been achieved.

So now it is 9.55pm and the house is a mess as all my spare moments have been painting. Where do I start? kids lunches, vacuuming, folding the five loads of washing, getting the washing machine on.......... goodness it does not take long for things to get behind.


  1. Where do you get your energy?? and can you send some my way. You sure are a Super Woman Karen

    1. If I remember rightly Heather you have always been a very busy person too. Pot calling kettle black. Have to say I am feeling a bit knackered today!!

  2. That looks great, you must be so pleased!

  3. Wonderful job my wonderful make Martha look lazy! x


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