Thursday, May 31, 2012

Recycle / upcycle project - Making gift bags

Last night I started my big tidy up of my craft area. No more new projects, get everything off the floor, organise my stuff etc. Why do I have to do this every three months??
Anyway I had previously cut all the paper out of a wallpaper sampler book ready to make into gift bags. So I sewed and sewed and sewed!!! It took me about 1 hour to get them all done, but now I have all my wrapping for gifts done for the year.
I take the simple approach. Sew two similar sized sample pieces together. Then when the gift is in I punch holes in the top and either thread homespun wool through or a ribbon to tie them off.
I have seen on-line where people get really fancy and make them have proper bottoms etc - yes they look lovely but Oh they take so long!!!

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