Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day to you all.
I have had a lovely day.
Poor old Jakob has been struck down with the horrible cold that Eli and I have got and was very miserable, so has been in his PJ's all day.
Aaron and Eli made me a gorgeous breakfast. Fresh fruit salad with natural yogurt. It had pineapple, apple, pear, kiwifruit and banana and was exactly what I felt like. Aaron taught Jakob and Eli how to make real coffee using the espresso machine. So I had about four shots of espresso before I went to church. Eli was so proud of it all that he said he was a cafe and brought me in a bill for the service. $0.50 for every coffee and $1 for the fruit salad!!!
I then had to go to church by myself as Jakob was too sick to take. I was giving the sermon today as they wanted a woman to talk. The sermon was about healing. I was very amused that my family were home sick!! It all went well.
We have had a relaxed afternoon as the day has been sunny and fantastic. I sat in the sun on the deck and starting stuffing my last giraffe. They made me croissant and jam and more coffee for a lunch in the sun. I am so blessed being a mum.

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