Monday, May 21, 2012

Hodgie Podgie Day

Yesterday we had a family Hodgie Podgie Day (a day out where anyone, including the kids, can stop us to look at something or do something).
On the ferry
So it started with the kids calling in - they went to K-Mart and got some new MGP wheels.

Aaron proving that he cannot climb trees

Then we went to Lyttleton and caught the Black Cat Ferry to Diamond Harbour. What a great we ride in gorgeous weather. Poor Morris sat on my knee (well actually tried to crawl inside my skin!) and shook the whole way across. Then we played around at the Godley House Domain. The boys up trees, Aaron decided he could climb too! Not!
Eli was official photographer - us at Freemans
We thought we would try the new cafe at the Diamond Harbour Store - HMm - coffee was great and the icecreams so big that the boys could not finish them. But the food was minimal and did not appeal.
Then off for another short walk along the cliff top, back on the ferry and arrived hungry in Lyttleton.
We thought we would try the revamped cafe / restaurant Freemans as seen on the TV about their restaurant expansion going bung in the earthquake. Fanatastic venue. Great food and really amazingly good prices.
Plus at 3.30pm live music started. Very cruisy Jazz by Carmel Courtney and her three piece band.
Gorgeous Pizza and handcut fries that were fluffy inside.

$12 for bread and dips for 4 people!!

As soon as we arrived and the staff saw we had children they had a pile of drawing materials on the table . The boys really appreciated that. What a fantastic relaxing day out.

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