Saturday, February 15, 2014

Finished - the Orphan Block Quilt

orphan patchwork blocks
I have just had a three hour stint at the machine to finish this. The boys are having their party and they certainly do not need Mum when they are XBoxing. So I got onto the sewing machine. I had thought the quilt was too small so I added another row. Now it is large!!. But it has used up ALL my orphan blocks. 10 years worth. There is not one block left in my bag and as you can see on the top right corner I had to put a piece of material in to finish the row. Yay.

This is the what it looked like last time I did a show and tell.

I even used a leftover binding that I had unpicked a couple of years ago. I used black and white materials to try and give it a cohesive look with such disparate blocks. And it was gifted to me so therefore free. This will now go into the pile of "need to be quilted".

Thrilled to be linking this to these places, and Crazy Mum Quilts.


  1. Thanks for your visit and comment! Your quilt looks amazing, I think using your oro han blocks is a great idea. Congrats On a ufo finishing

  2. Well it's all come together so well! You must be happy with it!

  3. What a great idea to use up those orphan blocks, The quilt looks awesome.

  4. It looks so good Karen, well done you, fancy having no spare blocks floating around, can't imagine that feeling!!

  5. what a great feeling to get rid of all those blocks and make them into something special - well done

  6. This is awesome! What a great way to tie together all those orphan blocks! :)

  7. Great way to use them all up, looks fabulous.


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