Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My fabulous Op Shop finds

Today we had a bit of a merry go round. Had to get the car checked at two different places, pick up one boy and take him to the emergency dentist, go to aquacise, do afterschool swimming but in amongst all that I managed to dash into the local Save the Children charity shop. Oh I was pleased I did.
A brooch that I see potential in. A bracelet that is gorgeous as is but I might pull apart and use in an embroidery, but think I will wear it in the meantime. $6
A gorgeous English pottery jug. Could not resist the shape and colour $4 
Some tupperware containers for Jakob this year as he is doing cooking at school. A coffee plunger that I will use for loose tea in the caravan.


  1. I came to your blog looking for quilts and I have discovered that your blog is a barrel of pure inspiration. We have so much in common and you are an amazingly talented gal. I love the skirt that you made from that striped shirt. So cute . . . and looks so comfortable. I am your newest follower # 114. I hope that you will visit and maybe even follow me back. I love making new friends and sharing ideas.
    Your new blogging sister, Connie :)

  2. Brilliant! I remember taking my cooking class leftovers home in tupperware too, all those years ago, still have and love my cupboards full of it, not got into modern tupperware though, no need really with all i have already!


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