Friday, February 28, 2014

A lot of unpicking but it is done

Well a while back I shared that I was using some Asian Taupe materials to do some hand patching using a stretched hexagon block. I finished the patchwork a long time ago but it took until last night at the girls get together to get on with turning it into my new wallet.

The inside. Hidden zip, lots of pockets for cards etc.
I am really happy with the result. Though my mind took a bit of getting around how I was going to make it and I had to unpick about 5 times, which is not like me at all. But as you can tell from the lack of blogging I have had a pretty full week and I think it caught up on me. I have meant to make this for about two years as my old wallet (also made from asian taupe fabrics) was totally worn.

I link to these places and to Crazy Mum Quilts


  1. What a nice piece! Love the stretched hexagons (coffins) and the palette you chose. Great job!

  2. I find working with the Asian taupes very soothing. Your stretched hexagon pattern would make a nice cover for a tablet that is shared by me and my Main Man. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Libby, You need your own tablet then you can cover it how you want. But I do find the taupe fabrics appeal to my husband more too.

  3. Despite the unpicking (or because of) it has turned out great, thanks for linking up!

  4. Beautiful hand piecing! Love the patchwork look! Thanks for sharing Marie (

  5. Great piece, knowing just what's involved I think you've done a fab job :D

  6. Yay for finishing! and it will be so awesome having a new purse!

  7. Love the stretched hexagons and the colours you've used!!!


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