Saturday, March 1, 2014

Learning to iron

Now for some of you learning to iron may not be that thrilling! But I am super thrilled as my 8 year old has started to learn how to do the household ironing and has been asking to do more.
Here he is with all his beautifully ironed and folded washing

He was bored last weekend and offered to do a job (so he must have been seriously bored!!). I was changing the beds and had no pillowcases in the cupboard so I set him up with a pile of 20 pillowcases. Showed him one, assisted with one and then watched one. 20 minutes later he said it was a bit tedious ironing without music or something and as I usually watch TV while ironing we turned that on.

The bonus is that now when he is wanting to get some extra screen time he offers to do the ironing and has been disappointed that there is none... yay....yipee.....soon I will move him onto doing shirts!!!


  1. That is definitely a result, long may he keep It up :)

  2. I love that you taught your son to iron! I never did, but my son did learn to do his own laundry at a young age. He is in college now...

  3. Wow! Karen you have taught your son well...caught him at the right time. I wish I could have done the same with my son (who will soon turn 18) who is beyond the scope of living well & organised... maybe he will learn once he is off to college. Thankfully my daughter is a natural! Nice to have met you.

  4. Excellent! Evey Sunday my husband irons his five work shirts and trousers for the week ahead. Blessed. Truly. You are raising an independent boy that can meet his own needs and knows that families need to work as a team ;) Important stuff!


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