Sunday, March 16, 2014

I am not a shoe shop

I feel as thought the last few days have been spent in the shoe shops. We have bought;
Slippers for Jakob

new sneakers which had to go back.

New school shoes

New sneakers for Jakob

Eli's feet have grown four sizes in the last 1.5 years!! Far out. Now he is finding shoes really hard to fit. After two sessions at the shoe shop (both lasting an hour - which is 3/4 hour too long in my opinion!!).

How does something so mundane take so much effort? We still have not gotten any sneakers for Eli and I am not prepared to step back into a shoe shop for ages.


  1. Why did the blue sneakers have to go back?

  2. Ordered online as the shop did not have the right size. Then the ordered pair were different and had plastic which dug into his feet

  3. I need to buy running shoes and boots but not having much luck! I got your comment about scheduling blog posts- I usually do that but all of the posts were for challenges that were all closing in 11 hours so I had to group them all together this time- usually I do try to space them out!

    1. Good on you for getting done before deadlines!!! I often don't


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