Friday, March 14, 2014

How frugal are you?

I am so frugal and find it such a waste to miss out on discounts or free things that it means my purse is stuffed full of loyalty cards. Why would I pay full price for gas bottles if a loyalty card means I get a discount every second time. I love coffee, why would I not want my sixth one to be free. Ditto for material!
Patchwork and Quilting
 Which gives the dilemma as to what to do with them all. Well my smart new purse was made with the intent to banish these cards elsewhere. Last week at my stitching group with Jane I finally finished the hand patched stretched hexagons. Today I sewed them into a mini wallet with a plastic insert. No more fishing through all the cards to find what I want. Now I just need to flip the clear plastic pages and I can spot the card I need quickly.
It does look a bit like a Mum and child wallet. But hey. When I finally finish my messenger bag it will all look snazzy. I love these Asian taupe materials.

I link to these places and Crazy Mum Quilts. and March Finishes


  1. Lovely precise stitching.
    Thank you for changing the background of your blog. I found the black background, white letter combo very hard to read.


    1. Hi Linda. My screen still shows black background and white writing. Has yours changed permanently? I never thought of that being hard to read as I enjoy it. But might do a wee survey and see what others think. So let me know. Cheers Karen

  2. Oh, such a great idea! I have a little snap closure pouch, but I have to shuffle through the cards to find what I want. The plastic covers is an excellent idea! I love the pretty fabrics you used and the stretched hexies! The chocolate brown binding is a really nice touch. Beautifully done & thanks for linking up!

    xo -E

  3. Frugal here! I have 3 kids in college so pinching pennies is the name of the game! Love your wallet!


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