Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wild Blackberries as a gravy base

A couple of weekends ago we spent time at our friends second home on some land in the middle of nowhere. All the blackberries were ripe and so the boys and Aaron came home from a walk and swim very proudly bearing a bag of blackberries.

 Well yesterday there were still some remnants in the fridge. I made a pork roast with free range pork from my sisters farmlet. In the bottom of the dish I put a finely chopped onion, a finely chopped apple and the remainder of the blackberries. When I took the pork out to rest I put all the juices, onion, apple and berries through a sieve, pressed quite hard. Then into that liquid I mixed 1 Tablespoon of cornflour. It was deep red and delicious.

Having fun at the river just before picking blackberries.
I forgot to take an after photo but it was AMAZING. Quite subtle but fruity and it got he thumbs up from us all.


  1. Your dish looks promising! Thank you for becoming my 80th follower! I'm so thrilled that the 80th should be someone from so far away, so I'd like to send you something. Please let me know your email so I can start arranging the practical side (i.e. packaging and posting)!

    1. Hi my email address is on my profile page, but to make it easier for you - karen.schulz@paradise.net.nz. I am very excited!!!


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