Thursday, November 28, 2013

I tried to "Just whip it up"

I finished this quilt top two nights ago. It is another quilt for the orphanage that I support in Eldorat, Kenya. The material was donated by someone and came to me with all the centre squares cut (5 1/2inches) and some of the outside squares cut. To make it large enough I cut a few more of the big outside squares (8 1/2 inches). But somehow the maths did not work and I think that could be why the person gave up and donated it. I am sure that no child is going to look at it and criticise the red border as not being the same all the way around!! So I just got on with it.

I read so many blogs where the quilt was "just cut and made last night" or just whipped up over two nights. I thought that if that was ever going to happen to me it would be on this quilt where most of the cutting was done. But no, this still took me four nights to sew together. Maybe I am a slow sewer, but I think too that by the time I have the kids in bed and everything done it is about 9pm and so I sew slowly as I am tired and really have to concentrate.

I might get this one finished by Christmas as the wedding is tomorrow and so all the organising and sorting clothes etc , that has been taking my time, will be done.


  1. Haha I dont know how people whip it up either! I can only do it if Hubby is home all day and takes over EVERY aspect of the house and kids! Looks great though and I'm sure you'll get it done soonish!

  2. That is lovely, I love the colours. And no one is ever going to notice the difference with the border.

  3. I like this! and you are right; no child will be critical . . . I wouldn't have noticed, myself, if you hadn't pointed it out! ~ Linne

  4. That's so nice of you!! And the quilt is beautiful!! Happy Holidays! xo Holly

  5. Beautiful! Any child in the orphanage will be lucky to have it.

  6. oh yes, cut and sew, and then bring out the seam ripper! every time I try to be spontaneous ... I rip, rip, rip ....

    it is a pretty quilt! --- keep up the good works!


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