Friday, November 22, 2013


Well a lot of our glamping seems to be food focussed. So the last long weekend when we trotted off I had strawberries from the garden, eggs from the chooks and bought some bread locally.

Ever since we bought the caravan we feel we are up in the stakes and glamping as it has all the mod cons.

French toast and strawberries for breakfast is such a winner for us. We tend to sleep in and not have breakfast till about 10am, always after our first swim of the day. So it keeps us going for our adventures.

No matter what the weather we jump in the river once awake - we have even done it after unexpected snow one morning (we ALL screamed that morning). This weekend was no different as most of the time it was hot but the morning cold and so we had a few overseas people in vans (all dressed in trousers and jackets) watch us and laugh as we jumped in.

On our way home we stopped at a "cafe". The local Hororata church ladies set up the church and gardens as a cafe every Saturday and Sunday from 12-4 as fundraiser to do the earthquake strengthening required. Most glamorous and the best value food ever!

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