Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What I am working on.

Happy Birthday Sarah
 Firstly the boys and I took a bit of time yesterday to pick and arrange the most gorgeously scented Peonies etc for lovely Sarah. It was her birthday and she is still living in EQC temporary accommodation 3 years after the earthquake, so we took this gorgeous bunch to her.

Starting the bodice section
The back detailing

Once we got home I started sewing again. I am attempting to make a dress for Kerryn's wedding from three Op Shop items. A $10 skirt, a $0.50 shirt and a $2 tunic top. It is taking me a while and I have only been sewing late at night (which is more difficult). But so far I am pleased. So here is a wee shot of the start on my dress dummy.
The linen shirt whose sleeves took my fancy
The $2 linen tunic
The $10 skirt
The cute sleeve detail that I really wanted to keep
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  1. Oh my goodness Karen. Aren't you clever? I can't wait to see it all finished. It will be beautiful. I love peonies. I'll never forget my mother and sister giving me a bunch when my daughter was born. Your boys are growing up so much. So handsome.

    Anne xx

  2. Your envisage.dress for Kerryn's wedding will be unique and special. I hope it all comes together as well as you envisage.

  3. I can't wait to see how this turns out! I never in a million years could come up with something this cool!

  4. Wow, your dress is going to look wonderful!

  5. Hi Karen! Absolutely you could do those beach themed cupcakes for boys. I had to do one with just Speedos for my son. You can buy those sour candy straps in more masculine colours too I think. (I can't stand the stuff personally. LOL) Anne xx


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