Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sweat, tears and bruises

Yes, that is what has been happening in my world since I last posted. Having said that we did have a glorious three days away in the caravan over the long weekend.
The bathroom, finally all painted

Though so much has gone wrong that we nearly did not go. Now for those who follow my blog you will know that we have been redoing the bathroom. We finally got paid the EQC money for our house and work has begun. But this is really the end of the happiness. Anything that could go wrong with this bathroom - has. To fix the crack in the floor twice as much resin soaked in than should and the crack was still there - so use another substance.

Go to put in a replacement shower only to find right at the last minute that our shower cavity is not standard, get the builders to extend the shower cavity for the new shower. The shower arrives (10 days late) and we find that it is too small!! by 25mm on all sides. Alter the shower cavity and the shower goes in, then the glass door goes in and by the time the builder gets to the lounge there is a huge noise and the door has disintegrated.

Yes we now have a shower door on

Then there is no hot water coming through the mixer and now we have a constant drip still to be repaired.

Decide (foolishly) that if all the bathroom is being redone then I should paint the ceiling. Start to paint it and the ceiling is obviously under wear and starts crumbling and cracking all over the place. Five attempts later I now think I have fixed all that and have one paint coat to do. (fingers crossed).

Paint the walls and the paint spits and bubbles - like little pop bubbles. Roll and re roll, sand and try again. The one part that has worked well is the enamel paint. But I think I am going to have to do a light sand and a third coat.

Book the vinyl layer, having been told that there is about a two week wait. Go in and pay the deposit and the earliest they can get me in is in 4 weeks!!!!!

So I went outside on Tuesday night and decided to take my frustration out on chipping the motar off the bricks for the garden redo. I hit my thumb and hand more than the bricks and although that stack is now ready my hand HURTS.

Sigh. Garden is a mess, house is a mess, have to get on with my dress for Kerryn's wedding next weekend.

So we may have a finished bathroom by Christmas (fingers crossed)


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  2. Spelling mistake in the first comment. Sending a hug from the US. Sounds like you could use it.

  3. Thinking of you and hope things work out over the coming weeks :D

  4. Hope the rest of of your week has been better! Hang in there - Hope things are sorted soon for you!

  5. Oh dear.... surely things can only improve now!

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