Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wedding refashion done

This morning I finished all the hand stitching of the facings etc and the dress is done.
Wedding outfit
The front
 It makes me feel like the middle of summer, bright and cheery. Aaron did comment that if the entire top was orange instead of the pink it would look better. I have to agree, I think it does look a bit cut up. But I really wanted the sleeve detail that was in the pink top.
The back
 Yesterday after I finished the sewing I got desperate for shoes. So in a fit I went to the three local Op Shops and thanks to the Methodist Mission I have white shoes to go with it for $4.

The back detailing
So this dress has cost me $12.50 plus the shoes and a blue cardigan I got a couple of years ago for $4.

Here is a reminder of what I started with - A orange linen tunic, A pink linen top and a almost floor length floaty skirt.
I used the cap sleeves

This was cut down

This is the main top

All I need to do is make a fascinator.

I made this entire dress using my dress dummy and pining it to it etc as I have seen a lot on Project Runway. It was a difficult way to make a dress but it has worked!! I had wanted to use a pattern but it had not arrived in time.

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  1. Your dress is lovely Karen, you have fantastic skills.... enjoy the wedding in your new outfit!

  2. Well done! I am so glad to finally see a picture of the finished product, as I have been hearing all about it for weeks now! the shoes look particularly fab!

  3. That is impressive! Have you changed your hair? It looks lovely!

    1. Hi Pru, I have decided to grow it a bit. But here it is unwashed and tended as I just had to get a dress photo and blast the rest!!!

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  5. I never would have thought to put these 3 garments together to create this lovely dress. Great job!!!

  6. Very impressive indeed! I love the style of your new dress. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  7. I love the cut out detail in the back it looks great

  8. Wow! So amazing!! What a talent you have there!! Such a great way to upcycle clothes!!

  9. Oh, its fantastic Karen! You've done such a great job. I love the colours. Very pretty. You look amazing. Is this the outfit the fascinator is for? Can't wait to see it all together.

    Anne xx

  10. A fabulous refashion... great going making your dress without a pattern!!!

  11. And i thought making a dress from 2 skirts was creative ,, Fantastic Dress very clever and Beautiful
    here is mine


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