Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sleigh Bells are ringing

home made Christmas gift
Just confectionery with a flower hair tie
So last night I finished the fabric flowers I had been making. I went out to morning tea with a friend and bought some hair ties and clips and hot glued them onto these. Then I have used them as the final flourish for these Christmas sleighs.
The finish hair accessories
So last night was production line with the hot glue gun. I now have all the "under $5" presents I need for all those Christmas do's that we ladies go to. And a few for some children who I like to give a wee something to. The boys might make some as a teachers present at the end of the year.
The great thing was that when I went to the supermarket yesterday (countdown) they had the kit kat bars for only $1 each on special and the other chocolate bars were 5 for $4.
This is not my idea but something that was linked to me on facebook - I have tried to get back to the original owner of the post but cannot find it. They just stacked piles of chocolate up.

For the boys for Christmas I am going to do some that have a lego minifigure on top.

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  1. So cute and clever! x

  2. Ah that's so cute- I love the Lego minifigure idea too!

  3. what a great idea. Feel free to link in to we recommend too if you want to, it's a lovely gift idea

  4. mmmm noms! love the chocolate sleighs! I'm sure the recipients will do too!

  5. Hi , I love these little sleighs you made! So creative of you! I am now following you on Bloglovin and would love it if you followed me too. We could become blog friends. Take care, Julie at

  6. The little sleighs are a great idea. The fabric flowers look so neat. Not sure mine would turn out that good. Thanks for commenting on my glass appliqué blog. Fused glass is a great hobby. ( the message in my email was a no-reply blogger so I popped in here through your comment)

    1. Thanks Val for going to the trouble to find me and comment. I know I am a no reply blogger, sorry if that was a hassle. Cheers Karen

  7. Thank you for joining me on my blog and for your comment. These sleighs are really funny, but I
    don't know if I can find these sweet runners in the middle of Europe. I've never seen candy canes in Vienna.
    Maybe they have, I don't look for them generally, because I have no grandchildren.
    Best wishes from Austria to Australia Erika.

  8. These are so cute. I made the candy trains one year and they went over well. Will pin this idea so I don't forget. Thanks for sharing.


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