Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ciabatta Buns for school lunches

bread rolls
At the moment I think that my sister and I are in sinc. I had just made these gorgeous Ciabatta buns for everyone's lunch last night and she posted photos and a recipe for the bread loaves she makes. On Monday I was just posting about the asparagus lunch with poached egg and hollandaise and she posted a photo of her lunch - the same but sans the hollandaise.

The recipe I use is from a bread making queen. Jennie Shapter - Bread Machine - how to prepare and bake the perfect loaf. Oh it is so easy and the bread comes out like you would expect. Big holes, soft outside, it is amazing. As I get concerned about copyright I have not put her recipe in here, but go to the library and get the book out.

So for breakfast Eli and I had toasted Ciabatta buns with homemade raspberry jam (and I felt so good as I did not have butter!!!).

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  1. Just out of interest, my asparagus and eggs had a lemon relish from Jamie Oliver with it....its a 3 min recipe.

    1. I saw that but hey - got to try to outsmart you!!!


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