Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A retro style fascinator

Last night I got out all the bits and pieces in an attempt to make a fascinator to match the dress I made for the wedding. Now this is all a bit of procrastination for in-spite of the fact that I do need it, I also need to make some adjustments to the dress. The straight colour blocking of it just seems a bit too harsh.
I started with the basic pink rose that I had pulled of the pink hat I am wearing for the wedding outfit. Then I added a frill of the material from the skirt. Then I consulted with Aaron, who decreed that as it was a wedding - I should go a bit more over the top. 
So I added some hat netting (well I have no idea of the correct name). Then I had seen a technique in the Molly Makes magazine, where she punched felt using a hole punch and put the dots around the bottom. So I got stuck in (almost literally if you are using hot glue guns!!). 

So I now have this to go with

I was determined to make one that had better proportions than the first one I made. I am much happier with this one.

So an alteration to the dress, some mats to make for under the flowers on the tables and off to the wedding I go.

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  1. Look at you go! Looks perfect for the outfit!

  2. That is sooo cool!! It matches your wonderful dress perfectly! I can't wait to see the final dress after alterations have been made!


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