Saturday, November 9, 2013

A luscious surprise in the garden

I have been looking after my niece and nephew. One of my things when looking after kids is being outside. Kids expel energy, are often calmer and can explore and use their imagination. Well they were both occupied with the sprinkler and getting "rained on" and I took a wee moment out to look around the garden.
growing strawberries

Wow was I surprised when I looked under the strawberry bird netting. STRAWBERRIES GALORE. Now this might not seem odd to you considering it is a strawberry patch. But this is the earliest I have ever had a crop of such size. Last year it was the 23rd November and that was early, but this year has blown me away.

And they were yummy yummy, full of flavour mmmmmmm.

So I was taught how to be a proper ballerina, we drew with chalk all over the verandah, went to the park and played on swings and see-saws, got wet under the sprinkler and then got tired!!!

Mieke teaching me to dance

Mieke showing off her new hair clip I gave her

Alex had to have a clip too

The wee man does lots of eating

Drawing on the verandah

All was happy until she decided to get off while still swinging!!

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  1. It's going to be a bumper strawberry season at your house.... yum! Your niece and nephew are so cute....


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