Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Raspberries galore

On Sunday we came home from the wedding and needed to pick the fruit that had ripened in the three days we were away. This photo does not look much but we got 780 grams of raspberries. This is the first pick of the year and normally we would be fighting over a small handful, but this was glorious abundance of raspberries. The strawberries were pretty big and gorgeous too. Raspberries and icecream for dessert. YUM

Sometimes you do not see things as others see them. Yesterday some ladies from a sewing group I go to, came around and raved about the garden. I see weeds, tending that needs to be done, planting required, edging to do and a bit of ramshackle really. They saw fruit and vege and an abundance of flowers and kept exclaiming about it. Changed how I looked at my garden, I feel quite proud at the moment actually.

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