Saturday, December 14, 2013

A finished refashion and a new tool

About a year ago I bought this nightie from and Op Shop. It is a really pretty cotton lawn but rather old fashioned in it's style. Gathered from the top with lace it just kind of hangs over you. So I never really wore it. Then one of my nighties got so old the fabric ripped in the wash. I cut it down the middle and used it as a pattern to refashion this.

Old style top the the nightie

recycled clothing
I cut the skirt off at a reasonable height and then gathered the material onto some piping that I had made for the bean bag refashion. Then I cut a new top out and sewed with some piping and bias binding. I was halfway through making this and it was sitting on my sewing table when my purchase arrived in the mail.

What excellent timing. A 2.5cm bias binding maker. No more boring shop bought bias for me, funky stuff to come!! (well that is the intention - we will see how it pans out). I tried it out on some matching red fabric and it made lovely bias binding for the shoulder straps.

The whole outfit even looks a bit Christmassy.

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  1. It does looks Christmassy! well done you :)

  2. Just followed your blog! Please come follow us back! Thanks.

    1. thanks for letting me know, I was wondering who was new. Popping over to your site.

  3. This is pretty! I have one of those nighties, now I am tempted to flash it up a bit.

    1. You should Lauren, I love a girly nightie - especially being a male dominated house like yours!

  4. Right on for thrifting and repurposing! Very cute finish!

  5. The fabric is very pretty and your refashion is amazing! I especially love the red accents. Congrats on a great finish and thank you for linking up!

    xo -E


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