Thursday, December 12, 2013


The bare garden

On Tuesday I could have happily chopped the chooks heads off!!! (and perhaps that of my husband).
at 7.30pm Jakob yelled "the chooks are in the garden!!". Boy and were they in the garden. My entire salad area is decimated. Gone is the basil, coriander, lettuce, mizuna, beet and all the things that were just getting reading to be our cutting salad garden for the summer. Now it is bare land.

Aaron had apparently been in the chook enclosure and when he shut the door he heard the click but did not check and the door had not latched properly. Grrrrrr.

Now we will be a month behind in eating from our garden. I was very unhappy and all Aaron could say was "Oh well". Hmphg.


  1. That is about the most frustrating thing ever for someone who has put the effort in to create a food supply for the family!! I'm hearing you - that is horrible!! If we were closer, I'd be whisking you some lettuce seedlings I have sitting spare at the moment - hopefully someone near you can spare some decent-sized seedlings?? Chicken pie is sounding good about now!

    1. Love your comment - I definitely had chicken pie thoughts!!! Have calmed down a bit as enjoying such a huge strawberry and raspberry season that it makes up for it a bit!

  2. Oh that is so gutting!!! Hope the sun keeps shining and the next lot grow fast for you.

  3. You have my total sympathy.... Mum has similar chock trials at their house. Don't blame you for wanting a chicken dinner that night!


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