Thursday, December 26, 2013

Unexpected craft time

With the wet weather, that arrived about 3pm on Christmas Day, came an unexpected treat. Time to do some quilting. We were going to head out camping on Boxing Day but we woke up to rain and decided not to go today. We were not booked into our camping ground until tomorrow but had thought to get a head start on the drive.

Christmas afternoon I did a bit of preparing stitchy things to take away on our camping trip. Then I sewed borders on the cushion covers I showed you here.

Today after the caravan was packed, the chooks cleaned out, some gardening done, washing done, boys packed etc I had time to relax as instead of driving we are at home. So out came the backing material and basting spray and I put my three layers together and then quilted them this afternoon.

Normally when I quilt I use pins to keep all the layers together but I have found that with smaller items basting spray is so much easier.

Christmas Day was a lovely day for our family. We went to church on Christmas Eve so did not need to rush around on Christmas morning. So coffee and presents and relaxing before heading out to be with the family. It was a lovely family time, everyone catching up and chatting.

We had thought we would swim in the river on the way home as it had been quite hot during the day, but by the time we got to come home the weather was clouding up. We were right near the beach so we decided on a detour and took a walk along the beach. It started to rain, but that did not matter. The boys still ran in the water and swam along side us walking. I paddled the whole way and then when we returned to the car they all went for a swim in the surf between the flags.

I trust you all had a lovely Christmas Day.
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  1. Hope you had a lovely day! cant wait to see your cover all finished :)


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