Friday, December 6, 2013

My husband is wrong and my husband is right!!

upcycling clothes
I completed a refashion of my original refashion!!!

The first refashion
1. My husband is right. Yes the dress did not quite work, I still don't think it is perfect and as flattering as some things I have made but I have now worn it twice and enjoy doing so. As you can see in order to try and make it a bit more cohesive I bound the neck edge with orange. I do thing it works better.

The first attempt
2. My husband is wrong. He recommended putting the netting on the fascinator as it was for the wedding we have just had. But I felt it just did not work. So off came the netting and I was thrilled that I did it. I got quite a lot of comments on my fascinator!! (take that two ways - either it was just so fab, or they felt they could not make comments on the dress!!)

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  1. Well done on such a gorgeous frock....I especially love the orange neckline. Xx

  2. In person it just looks even more amazing! Thank you so much for the cookies as well, my son was very excited to have one for morning tea and also keeps asking me about the pretty sleigh.

    1. Thanks Lauren, my husband was gutted that I did not bring more of your cake home. He took some in his lunch the next day and raved about it. So I appreciated the swap and meeting you was awesome


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