Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Bride, The Bouquet and the Wedding

The gorgeous couple
Anyone who follows my blog will know that this wedding has been in the planning for a while now. Well it was perfect. It was teaming with rain when we woke, by 9am we were thinking it might clear and by 11am when the ceremony happened we had sunshine (with the odd shower of blessing) and it was gorgeous.

The fascinator on my hat is the one that I made at The Make Cafe.

I was hopeless pinning the flower onto Barry's suit, did it three times then had to get someone else to do it!! The bride was stunning, the dragonfly garden sculptures were made by my father in law and painted by a lot of people including my boys.

Gorgeous set of brother with the bride and groom

The grooms mother spent hours making edible dragonfly decorations for the high tea. They were amazing!!

High tea in a woolshed - you should try it. Best venue ever.

The bride made all the bunting. MILES of it. Stunning!!

Just had to put this in. My cousin in crowned a prince.

Relaxing before the evening reception

Yes I did wear my recreation for the evening event.


  1. Gorgeous wedding - I especially love the bride's red shoes!

    1. I know, they were amazing and just finished the whole ensemble off

  2. What a stunning wedding, so much creativitiy and personal touches added to the big day. I thought initially you must have changed your mind about your new creation, great to see it made an appearance too, you look lovely!

  3. That looked like a picturesque wedding, and all that you could wish for! Beautiful :)


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