Monday, December 16, 2013

What's on my sewing table at the moment

Well there is somehow not as much getting under the sewing machine as I plan. I just don't seem to have the steam after dinner to get things done.

BUT I have started a couple of things and have worked on them for the last few nights. This is after having some full days doing fun school holiday things. We have scooter-ed around Lake Pegasus after a lovely morning tea with friends. That time ended up with swimming in the middle (in our clothes as I did not think to bring togs), dodging the sprinklers and having a generally lovely time.

We have also been on the miniature railway out at Steam Scene, raced on the hydroslides at Jellie Park, the males all went to see the new Hobbit movie and all this in the first week of the school holidays. ( I managed to squeeze some work in today while they were at the movies).

Anyway..... I have started a refashion of this denim jacket.

And started to piece together a big pile of scrappy 60 degree triangles. These triangles have been in the making for a long time. Whenever I have sewn strips leftover from a project I cut triangles from them. Jakob is in need of a few cushion covers so I thought that was a project that killed two birds with one stone. The only things is that I have a LOT more than I realised. So I have started the top of his cushion cover, started another cushion cover for a much bigger cushion but I still have leftovers. Hmmm...
Not sure how to use them up so am thinking of putting a strip between them all, am liking this look so far. 
So still sitting on my sewing table are the cushions, the backing (black with white dot) and the patched triangles. 


  1. It's going to look awesome when you're done! Looking forward to seeing it :)

  2. That's a busy start to the holidays already! The strippy triangles look fantastic, it sure is satisfying to use scraps...

  3. Love the stripy triangles. The hex formation is the way to go. Stopping by from WIP Wednesday.

  4. I love how bright and cheery all your scraps look together.


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