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Yum, I like that ...

declared the boys as they got stuck into chocolate from Finland. I tried to snap a photo of it in their hand but it got to the mouth too quickly. They were very disappointed when I only let them share one bar.
chocolate into mouth really quickly!!
A while ago I found a blog run by Tiina from Finland. She makes amazing zip pouches and her quilting is very different to mine and I love it. So I started to follow her blog. I was her 80th follower. To celebrate that she sent me this parcel full of bits of material and chocolate bars. WOW.
I know immediately what I will do with the Mickey Mouse. My niece and nephew are going to Disneyland in two weeks. So I am going to be inspired by Tiina and make them a zip pouch with things to do when they are driving their parent crazy on the plane. (trust me they will as they are 3 &1!!! - brave parents).
The red and black fabric is special to Finland. It is the signature print of the Finnish Quilting Association.

Thank you Tiina.


  1. It was so nice to learn that you liked what was in the package! You certainly had to wait for it a long time after becoming my 80th follower, so it's great that it was not a disappointment! Good luck with the zip pouch - I'm looking forward to seeing a post on the work in progress or at least on the finished product! Thanks for all the nice things you said. Greetings from Finland!


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