Saturday, June 7, 2014

Quilt top and binding done

finished quilt
On Thursday i sewed together all the strips that I had blogged about doing. But when I did the quilt just was not quite big enough. So last night I put a cute little pop of colour border (only 1/2" finished) and then a bigger border on.

Being inspired and not yet too sleepy to turn the sewing machine off, I got stuck in and made the binding too. One of the bloggers I follow is Crazy mum quilts and she had a quilt very similar to this in her book.

Yay for a finish - linked to these places.

Today I finished coating the bathroom shelves, so they will be able to get put in and the bathroom will be done. Phew......

ps - this is another quilt for the Orphanage - Hope Homes International


  1. The quilt top looks really nice! The borders give it just the right accent!

  2. What a great quilt! I have so many strings. This quilt is motivating me to start playing with them.

  3. Such a stunning quilt, you are so clever!

  4. oooo almost finished! Looking great!


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