Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Calm after the storm

Oh my goodness. Today everyone was home!!. We were waiting at the bus stop for school when we were advised it was closed due to flooding. Aaron worked from home and I had a day off interviews etc. But it took till about 1pm for our house to settle and then I had to pop over to work.
We jokingly called this Longsilver Lake - taken outside work. Thankfully none of the guys blew their motors this time. Last time two of the apprentices tried to drive through and bust their vehicles. 
This was Little Longsilver - the water in the actual shed area.
I walked the boys and Morris in the rain to the Library and we got the next lot of books. Boys dry and settled down to reading. 
Aaron working in the bedroom - had a bit of a laugh here as I had to take a second photo to give him time to suck his tummy in!! Great being an IT geek - means if you have Wifi you can work anywhere.
I managed to get my quilt onto the floor and started pining it all together.


  1. That's alot of water! yay for comfy home days as an alternative!

  2. I hope it is all dry now. I remember missing days from school because of flooding and snow and loved them.


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