Thursday, June 5, 2014

What I am working on.. a low volume quilt

Well having come home from Rarotonga I felt the need to get behind the sewing machine. The only thing was my concentration was not too good.
So I pulled out some of my scraps that I had cut about 6 months ago. I had tried to tidy up my fabric haul so I went through my scraps and cut 6.5 inch strips or 4.5inch squares. It dealt with the scraps really well. At the time I was channeling low volume quilting.

So this is my attempt at a very simple low volume quilt. All the strips are sewn and now just need a few hours to get it all together (without the help of Morris!!!).

I link to these places.


  1. The beginning of your quilt looks interesting. I want to see how this develops! But the other photo was even more interesting, because I could not make head or tail of this pet! Funny!

    1. Oh that made me laugh!! He is such a bundle of fur that sometimes I get it wrong!! But head is on the left

  2. Looking forward to seeing the finished result!

  3. Well snap!! .. I am also doing a bit of a low volume thing too, but with small pops of colour!! I just love Raro, been over there 5 times now, so relaxing & so just like some parts of NZ use to be!! Linda

  4. Anything with strips and low volume sounds great to me. I am geographically challenged though and had to check where Raratonga is -I now know it's in the Cook Islands. Thanks for that!


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