Friday, June 27, 2014

All snuggly for winter

Yeah, a finished item. This scarf is a angora rabbit wool scarf. The wool is so unbelievably soft. I am slowly using all the wool from a jersey I unpicked (see back here) from the Op Shop.
It had to be really really long to be able to double over and wear like this. But Aaron was clear that was how he wanted to wear a scarf and who am I but to oblige him? He has worn it every day since I finished blocking it. 

Over the years I have knitted Aaron heaps of jersey's etc so he did not need any more of those. But when I finished my snood just before winter both the boys and Aaron loved it. Hence the beginning of a scarf for Aaron - two months later and it is done.

The best photo of my gorgeous husband, was no good as he had his eyes shut. Not only do I want to show off the scarf but my gorgeous man as well!!!

Then last night I put the rest of the wool to use as Jakob wants a hat with ear flaps.

I link to these places and finish it up Friday with Crazy Mum Quilts.

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