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Using Men's Business Shirts

Anyone who knows me knows that I collect fabric. Well a long time ago I realised that a man's business shirt has a lot of fabric in it and so I started collecting 100% cotton or linen ones. I have made many things from french inspired cushion covers to aprons.

This time I made a nightie. This is a pattern that I use a lot as it is simple, comfy and reasonably decent if someone knocks on the door. The bias binding that I posted about the other day was for specifically for this.

the shirts - total cost $3

I needed a new nightie and got inspired when Miriam posted about her dress made from two different men's shirts. So behind the machine I whipped this up just in time to take to Rarotonga. The pink shirt was a bit more see through than I realised at first, so it is completely lined with the pink check shirt.
The labels.

Just for a bit of fun I put all the labels from the shirts onto the back of the skirt.


  1. Very cute! Love the way you put it together.

  2. Haha classic! I especially love all the labels in the back! Very clever you!

  3. What a clever idea. It seems much more comfortable than things I see in the store. Thanks for the post.

  4. Love that you did this
    I was just watching something on the news about recycling fabric/clothes

  5. Wonderful! A fine cotton shirting is so comfortable! It just so happens that my husband has recently cast off two heavy cotton shirts because the collars had worn out and I have been wearing them as bed shirts. At some stage I intend to cut one up so I can lengthen the other - I might need to if we get a cold winter!
    Love from England, Muv

  6. What a great example of recycling. I am going to start looking in the charity shops over here to see what I can find. I am visiting your blog from Cardiff, UK via Needle and Thread Thursday.

  7. Novel idea , cheap and useful and definately pretty

  8. That's so sweet! I've used men's plaid shirts in my quilting, but never looked at the white ones.


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